Independent, Safe, and Inclusive Living For Adults With Autism

Our Mission

Autism Communities was founded with the goal of providing adults with autism a home of their own, in a vibrant community setting. Our mission is to facilitate housing settings that foster an independent, safe, and inclusive living environment for adults with autism. Our social and educational program, Club AC, provides additional connections and resources to the local Long Island community.

Independent, Safe, and Inclusive Living For Adults With Autism

Watch the story of AC resident, Nick, who moved into his new AC apartment in Spring 2022!

We are grateful to our 2022 sponsors for their ongoing support! We would like to especially thank our biggest contributor – FISERV Inc. Your continued support has provided immeasurable value to our mission!

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Autism Facts: The Next 10 Years

1 in 44 Children

10,000 Long Island Adults

live with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

50,000 Teens Age Out

of school-based services every year.

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