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Club AC Educational Forum: Vocational Skills

Could you or your loved one benefit from vocational resources or ACCES-VR services? Learn more at our virtual educational forum. Join us on March 8th at 7PM


Our Mission

Autism Communities’ mission is to provide homes that facilitate an independent, safe, and inclusive living environment for adults with autism.

Our first residents have moved into their new home! Tune in to hear more about the Future of Autism Communities from our Chairman, Paul Pedretti.

Autism Facts: The Next 10 Years

1 in 59 Children

has been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

10,000 Long Island Adults

live with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

50,000 Teens Age Out

of school-based services every year.

It Began with One Parent

“From the day my two sons were diagnosed, I worried about how they would be cared for when I no longer can. Like all parents, I want them to have the best life possible. Most importantly, I want them to have a place to call home in a community that knows them and welcomes them.”

Charles Massimo
Autism Communities

Charles Massimo
Founder & Chairman
Autism Communities

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